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Sometimes you want a relaxing, natural way to relax and get a little buzz with no side effects, and kava is an excellent choice. Kava is a popular beverage known for its bitter, peppery taste and anxiety-relieving relaxation properties. At Grassroots Kava House, we strive to provide a high-end experience in a clean and welcoming environment. We offer kava for sale in Tampa and St. Petersburg FL, along with a variety of exciting kava cocktails and other local teas, kombuchas, soda, our locally roasted blends of coffee and more!

Traditional with a twist

Our passion revolves around the traditions of the South Pacific, the region known for the drink and its ceremonial uses. We work to share the love for kava and the community surrounding it with others, bringing more people together. We also offer Grassroots Kava for sale if you want to take the experience home. Or you can buy it here online.

Reduce stress and anxiety with kava

We source our kava directly from Vanuatu in the South Pacific. You can expect our kava to have an earthy peppery flavor leaving a mouth-tingling sensation after consumption.Grassroots Kava lets customers relax and enjoy a euphoric buzz without a hangover while reducing stress and anxiety. Kava users experience a “reverse tolerance,” meaning those who enjoy it often, may feel effects with fewer servings.

Three locations for Tampa’s best kava

The highest quality, best kava for sale in Tampa, FL, is found at Grassroots Kava House, where you can visit us in St. Petersburg, Seminole Heights, and Ybor City. Enjoy our cold brewed kava on-site or get Grassroots Kava for sale and try it at home with our kava-making supplies.

Coffee, Kratom, and specialty drinks

Taste our proprietary coffee blend roasted locally in Tampa with flavors like house blend, espresso, decaf and seasonal flavors are featured throughout the year. Kratom tea, derived from the Southeast Asian tree, is available in four strains and is known for its energy-boosting and mood-lifting effects. We also offer a variety of botanical, infused herbal, and traditional teas, matcha and chai lattes, kombuchas, and many other specialty drinks. The Grassroots community also favors our natural bottled sodas.

Grassroots at home or on the go

Kava for sale Tampa, FL, lets you experience Grassroots at home or on the go. We have three convenient locations where you can swing by for a shell or grab the gear to brew your own. Join the Grassroots community and relax with others who enjoy kava and our other specialty drinks. For work or play, we have something for everyone.

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