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How do you consume Kava? What are the effects?

Grassroots Kava House Kava is recommended to be cold brewed and we recommend trying 4oz-8oz in one sitting. You should gauge how you feel before consuming more. We recommend being 18 years of age before consuming. You should not consume kava if you are pregnant or nursing. We highly recommend not mixing kava and alcohol or anti-anxiety medications. Kava known for its anti-anxiety and stress relieving properties. Each of the three strains offer slightly different feelings; heady buzz vs. body buzz.

How do I brew kava at home?

Link to How to Brew page. And explain traditional vs On-The-Go

What Does Kava Taste And Smell Like?

Kava is the root of a pepper plant grown in the South Pacific Islands. When it’s ground down and cold brewed, it has a peppery and earthy flavor.

Can I Mix Kava with Food And Alcohol?

Traditionally kava is consumed on an empty stomach before dinner. Kava should not be mixed with alcohol.

Is There Anyone Who Should Not Consume Kava?

Under 18 and pregnant. You should always consult your doctor before trying a new supplement.

Is Kava Safe To Consume And Is It Addictive?

Research suggests that the kava beverage in its traditional form is the safest method for consumption. Kava will not produce a physical addiction.

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