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The Grassroots
Kava House Story

The love for kava and the community that it spawns brought us together. Sharing that love is what drove us to open Grassroots Kava House. Grassroots Kava House is built for the community by the community.

We work tirelessly to stay true to traditions of the south Pacific and also provide an environment that is friendly and inviting to newcomers. Traditional kava is our passion and exciting new twists on kava provide options for those interested in trying a shell but aren’t quite ready for the full experience. Our handmade syrups and use of local ingredients, whenever possible, allows us to make drinks that appeal to those looking to join us in saying “Bula!”



Kava is a traditional, hand crafted, south Pacific beverage made from the juiced roots of a plant in the pepper family. It is traditionally served in a coconut shell and served from a large bowl or tanoa. When drank, typically it is drank all at once like a shot. In Fiji, “BULA!” is said like “CHEERS!” meaning “long life and good health.”  At Grassroots Kava House, we serve traditional style kava as well as a wide variety of unique and delicious kava cocktails styled to satiate your taste buds.



My kava experience began in 2001, when my college friend Jeff Bowman introduced me to kava at a mutual friend’s party. After an initial rejected offer, I gave it the old college try and hated it. All I thought was why would anybody drink this stuff? But being a good friend I offered to help him build the first kava bar in North America, Nakava (originally named The Nakamal) located in Boca Raton. And when I say build, initially it was only to build their website.


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