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The South Pacific is eternally true to its rich identity, in medicinal plants and traditional rituals surrounding kava.

You can get the best quality Kava and kava maker in Tampa and St. Petersburg at Grassroots Kava House (GRKH). This article details all you need to know about the services of GRKH. The next time you visit any of our locations you can make an informed decision about what to try and to take home.

At GRKH, we pride ourselves as the custodians of what the South Pacific represents. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. We have a variety of coffees, teas, kombuchas, and the best Kava and Kratom.


Traditionally, Kava is known for its high medicinal and nutritional value. With GRKH, you can have your Kava types as heavy, heady, or balanced as well. Especially because our kava is Vanatau-sourced and traditionally cold-brewed. It will give off its most enriching taste of peppery flavor and earthy tingle.

These options of Kava help reduce anxiety and stress. In addition, our Kava also have relaxing, euphoric, and calming effects. We have Kava variants that work on the mind (Lahui) and the body (Koa). Our Ohana is a mixture of both Lahui and Koa calming the mind and body.

Guess what? GRKH brewed Kava has zero sugar and less than 5 calories per shell. Our menu sets us apart because we have also crafted delicious Kava and Kratom Cocktails. Consequently, we also focus on locally-made munchies, kombuchas, botanical and herbal teas, and housemade syrups. All products are sourced locally when possible.

However, if you don’t want the final products from us, you can get the supplies to make DIY Kava. It’s a win-win. We also offer an affordable Kava maker for sale. The Lahui Kava kit comes with different shells, such as a matte black shell and a mint chocolate chip shell. There is a brewing ball and a ceramic handmade shell.

Would you contact us for Kava?

We think you should reach out. This is because Grassroots Kava House has the best quality Kava in Tampa and St. Petersburg and Kava makers for sale. These will provide you with amazing kava in the comfort of your home. You don’t want to miss this out. Meet us at our St. Petersburg, Seminole Heights, and Ybor City locations.

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